Open Studios 2017

It's that time of year again. The Henley Arts Trail takes place this Bank Holiday weekend, we have just moved back to our home and I am opening my doors to the public over the next three days.

It's been a very busy time and I have been hard at work creating a selection of new still life, landscape and floral paintings in a variety of sizes.

Opening times: 10am-5pm Saturday 29 April until Monday 1 May. If you cannot make this time I will be open by appointment until 3 May. Contact me on via email.

New prints available on ETSY:
From 29 April to 1 May there will be a discount of 15% off everything in my ETSY store.

A bit of fun. I'm having a giveaway on my Facebook and Instagram pages. To win a print of 'Merry May' follow the Facebook link.

The will be exhibitions in London, Henley, Goring and Derbyshire in the next two months - more information on this coming up shortly.

Enjoy the weekend!

February Fun

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun”                        -  Mary Lou Cook

Here in England it is wintery and grey with a frosty February still on the doorstep, but this one is going to be a fun one. Why? It's a month filled with little creative projects to inspire and enthuse!
The course starts on 1 February and is the only Creative Leap course offered in 2017 before it will become a publication later in the year.

Interested? Here's some more information:

Welcome to Creative Leap. 

This alternative art course consists of twenty six mini projects and four bigger art projects designed to kickstart creativity and promote original thinking.

For the month of February, creative projects linked to a wide selection of themes connected to the letters of the alphabet will be shared on the Explore Colour course page daily. Familiar symbols and shapes are the links to promote out of the box thinking and enticing ideas to expand your creative practice.

Key elements in this course are observing and drawing. The course is designed to expand concepts of thinking and observing by means of bite size daily exercises.
Over the weekends Este will also be offering live demonstrations of the bigger art projects explaining different art techniques. These are linked to the precious week's mini projects and are an optional addition to the basic course.
The live demos will happen every Saturday during February for an hour, within a Facebook private group exclusively for Creative Leap participants.

This course is suitable for artists and designers of all levels and experience.
The course is created to promote individual development and experimentation, useful as a daily exercise or to be done in more depth over a longer periods.
PDF documents can be downloaded to do the projects at a later stage.
Creative Leap costs £95 and registration closes on 31 January.
Sign up:
If you have any questions about the course please email me at

Other February news:

Over the last few months I have been working on new paintings for exhibitions and events coming up. 

In February my work can be seen at the Brussels Affordable Art Fair from 17-20 February where I will be represented by Will's Art  I am also taking part in the Winter exhibition at Iona House Gallery 
Other galleries where my work can be seen at the moment include Red Rag Gallery, Golden Hare Gallery, Gallery Top and The Biscuit Factory.

Prints are regularly added to my Etsy page, and cushions are available from Wraptious. I am doing a year long creative challenge, posting daily drawings on Instagram along with new projects and paintings.

With colourful greetings

Welcome to 2017!

Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, 'It will be happier.'  - Alfred Lord Tennyson

Wishing everyone a Healthy and Happy 2017!

(Here's a video of the creating process made from the words 'Love, Peace and Joy')

The Year Ahead

2016 was a very productive year, and 2017 will probably be similar: apart from several gallery exhibitions and fairs in Europe and the UK where I will be represented by Wills Art Warehouse, I am having my annual Open Studio event over the last weekend of April (the Bank Holiday weekend in England). I am very excited about the hand painted needlepoint designs from a selection of my images that now available from Melissa Shirley.
Wraptious will shortly be releasing their new catalogue where six of my paintings will be available as cushions. There are a few more collaborations in the pipeline, including wrapping paper, textiles, kitchenware and a book publication... more on this later. 
Apart from bigger projects I will also be doing daily postings on my Instagram account of little drawing based on random facts, notable dates, people and other things that take my fancy.

Explore Colour Art Courses

Always be open to inspiration. You never know where it may come from. Begin with an open mind, end with an inspired heart. - Sheri Fink

Creative Leap and Explore Colour: The Still Life Course can now be booked with an early bird offer until 3 January 2017. I am also working on a new course to focus on new art techniques and different acrylic mediums using Golden's A-Z paint sets. Dates for this course will be released in coming months. 

Creative Leap is a month long course suitable for anyone regardless of artistic ability. The course can be done in a sketchbook with pencil, pen, watercolour or ink, but it can be done more intensely as well using materials demonstrated in artworks. The course will make you explore alternative ways to observe and create. You will develop your drawing ability and artistic vigour. In addition to the twenty six daily mini projects I will be giving live demonstrations on the weekends within the exclusivity of the Facebook closed group. 
Booking via Explore Colour
Comments from two previous students:
Este, thank you ! Your course is wonderfully balanced and productive, and exactly what I needed right now. I am especially grateful to you for reawakening my joy in drawing, plus so much else. Many ideas to pursue... -  A HThank you Este for creating a wonderful course. I have enjoyed every day. It has certainly given me food for thought, lots of new techniques and inspiration for my stained glass painting. Its also been fun being part of the Creative Leap Facebook community and sharing and seeing all the work. - J L


On Christmas day I created a prize draw on my Facebook page - I invited people to comment on the video post of the day and have drawn the two winners. Congratulations to Debbie Carter who said she'd like to do the course with Carolyn McGill. Both win a place on the upcoming Creative Leap course.
I will be giving away another place on my Instagram account. Follow #estemacleod for daily updates.
Colourful greetings,


Happy Holidays!

Christmas 2016!
It's this crazy time of year again, and  I would like to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope you have a jolly time with family, friends, or a relaxing break, or just some down time if that is the way you choose to spend the holidays.
I'd also like to say a very big thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout 2016. It's been an eventful one, with more to come in 2017.

See the creation process of 'Let it Snow' on my Facebook page with instructions on how to win a place in the Creative Leap course, and a print from my Etsy shop.

Explore Colour Courses
I have now released two 2017 dates for my Explore Colour online courses. There is an Early Bird offer until 3 January for both the Creative Leap, and Still life Course
The online courses have limited places, so book early. They also make ideal gifts for the creative one in you life, or treat yourself and start 2017 on an energetic and creative note.
All the online courses now also include exclusive live demonstrations every weekend during the course via Facebook Live. 

I will be launching new prints and products in my ETSY store in the next month. If you are still looking for a last minute Christmas gift have a look here. These limited edition prints are shipped all over the world.

With kind regards

November News

Starfish Greathearts Art Auction 

Every year I donate some paintings to fundraise for causes close to my heart. Starfish Greathearts is a wonderful charity working in Southern Africa with children affected by AIDS.
Oleander is a 30x30cm original painting on canvas. During the annual London wine tasting event on Thursday 3 November, this painting will be auctioned, bidding starts at £280. All proceeds will go towards the charity. If interested please contact Starfish directly. 

Explore Colour: The Still Life Course

After spending more time this year doing experimentations with painting techniques and mediums, I launched the new Explore Colour Still Life Course in September. This five week course was focussed on exploring different paint techniques, compositions, colour and new ideas to be applied to four still life painting projects and future art projects.

I really enjoyed seeing what the students created in response to the projects, tutorials and guidelines.
This course will be repeated in 2017 with dates announced in December.

November is going to be a busy month with Winter and Christmas exhibitions starting, as well as the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair from 12-13 November where I will be artist in residence. I will guide an interactive art project over the weekend. Art fair visitors are invited to create colourful mini mandalas on a large canvas by means of drawing, printing and painting.

New work will be available at several galleries, including The Biscuit Factory the UK's largest independent contemporary art, craft and design gallery.  Red Rag Gallery, Wills Art Warehouse  Byard Gallery, Gallery Top and Golden Hare Gallery will be showing new still life, landscape and floral paintings.

Christmas 2016 - looking for something special? Limited edition prints are available in my ETSY store. New greeting cards and notebooks will be added to the site in November. 

For daily updates, follow my Facebook page and Instagram account.

September news!

Summer Projects

It's been a busy summer and I've been working on a few projects. The new Explore Colour Still Life course that is about to start, new work for exhibitions and art fairs, and work licensed for products.

The Still Life Course

A brand new four week course starts on 5 September. This course explores alternative ways to create expressive paintings with an emphasis on developing individual styles and develop colour sense through different painting techniques. Even though the course's projects are still life focussed, projects can be applied to a variety of painting themes, illustrations and design styles.

In essence the course comprises of what would normally be a course of four weekend live workshops. Tutorial summaries can be downloaded in PDF, and there are videos to demonstrate processes and techniques. The course material will be available until 31 December 2016.

See link for a glimpse into one of the projects

Registration closes on 4 September and one place will be given away for the course on Saturday 3 September on a Periscope live session at 2 PM BST. #estemacleod

To enter the draw see this Instagram link

Please note: Due to a very busy schedule ahead until June 2017, no further dates are set for this course to run again at this time, register via

New things

On the top of the page is an image of Summertime. This commissioned painting is one of my images that has been licensed by Amber Lotus for calendars to be published in 2018.

Creative Leap - Book!

After running two online Creative leap courses, I am now in the process of turning the course material into a publication. I am currently working on a book to be used as a creative guide with a month of projects designed to kickstart creativity! The online course can still be done as a self paced option.

Needlepoint Designs

Look closely at the image above, Sunny is in fact a needlepoint canvas. A small selection of my paintings will be available as hand painted needlepoint designs in the US and Canada later this month from Melissa Shirley. More on this in the next newsletter.

Art Fairs and Exhibitions 

It's been an amazing year with regards to sales of paintings, I am very grateful for the wonderful galleries that represent me, and for people collecting my work globally via those galleries, ETSY and my studio.

I'm represented by Wills Art Warehouse at three art fairs this month. New large paintings can be seen at the Bristol Affordable Art Fair from 9-11 September, Decorex in London 18-21 September, and the Cambridge Art Fair 29 September to 2 October.

I will have more information on Christmas exhibitions in the next newsletter. 

If you are in the Northern hemisphere, enjoy the last days of summer, if you are in the Southern hemisphere enjoy the first signs of Spring!

With colourful greetings

PS. Find me on Instagram and Facebook for daily updates on new work and online demos.

Explore more!

A new online painting course this Autumn.

As a GOLDEN artist educator I enjoyed experimenting more with painting and layering techniques in order to developed a new painting course. The online course is extended to four weeks in order to fit in more content, it replaces the sell out Chaos to Calm course of 2015.

Why do I teach art in this way?

Online courses offer a very different way of learning, with time being the biggest advantage. I am able to fit much more content in an e-course than in a weekend long painting workshop. People can view the tutorials and do the projects in their own time within the four week long course. The option to revisit projects afterwards for another eight weeks is an added bonus, allowing more time to repeat projects or use techniques for different art projects. To aid with communication and feedback, there is a dedicated Facebook closed group, acting as a virtual classroom. Students from all over the world do the course, and this is yet another added element to the course. People can post work in the group page, ask questions, and see what their fellow students do in response to the different projects.
A live element is now added with two live periscope sessions being offered where I will also demonstrate techniques used in the projects. 

See below more information on the upcoming course.
Here's the link for materials
and the link for registration on Explore Colour (please use a laptop for registration)

Explore Colour: The Still Life Course.

This four week long art course consists of a collection of still life themed projects. There is a strong focus on using drawings created in alternative ways, for inspiration and combining them with a variety of painting techniques to create expressive paintings. Colour is also a vital component of this course, used within the theme of still life painting in order to push boundaries and explore creative possibilities.

How does the course work?
Over the four weeks, students will explored painting and creating techniques within the different projects linked to a still life theme. Developing of individual artistic styles are important, with colour exploring and a range of painting techniques explained in various demos. The limited selection of GOLDEN fluid paint, as found in the principal set of 10 colours, is used in all the projects. Este will demonstrate how she uses it in her own paintings to obtain ‘visual texture’, paint in layers, do printing and stamping techniques as well as drawing, collaging and mixed media projects. Video painting demonstrations are used to explain techniques and ideas.  

Alternative drawing projects are used to discover or develop creativity in new ways. 

New projects added to this course explore composition and colour moods, different painting styles and additional applications of layering and techniques including acrylic skins.

‘The Still Live Course” sticks to a general still life theme in order to keep the focus on developing painting techniques and the basics of colour theory to discover possibilities that will be useful for individual artists; practices, regardless of their style of subject matter.

Artists of all descriptions will benefit from this course, regardless of ability and experience. 
If you love colour, want to develop your range of abilities, from colour sense to painting techniques, this month long course might just be for you.

A class portal on will be accessible with a password. Video demos and instructions will be posted from this page.

A Facebook closed group page will be available to act as a virtual classroom where work can be shared, for questions and general communication.

Basic Course Schedule
5 September:  Course starts with a first week dedicated to exploring alternative drawing exercises to create reference materials. Mark making with the different paint brushes and materials will be demonstrated.

12 September: Colour and Composition. Week two, The limited colour range of the principal FLUID set will be used to create a wide spectrum of colours. A new way of exploring different compositions is introduced in this course with added projects, using elements of collage.

17 September: Let’s paint! 
Project one: Painting and colour moods.  
Project two: Paint it your way, using techniques to develop your style.

25 September: Do more with paint!  
Project three: Printing  and scraffito techniques using acrylic gel and medium.
Project four: Layering and mixed media, new ideas to be more free.

Make your own magic!

Wow, we are already halfway through 2016! This is the last call for the Creative Leap course starting this weekend. Join in this month long course to recharge your creativity and find ways to make your own magic...

Creative Leap Online Course

If you can write, you can draw! 
The course is suitable for all kinds of artists and designers with any age or experience. I'm currently working on the creation of a Creative Leap publication, a workbook or creative guide of sorts, so this is the last time the course will be run with video demonstrations and a closed classroom group on Facebook.

So join in; escape some of the madness of this world and make your own magic! 

Register now and receive a £20 discount to spend on a brand new sketchbook or treat yourself to some art materials. 

Not sure if it is for you? Here's some feedback from members of the February group:

'I’ve loved every project in Creative Leap. You’ve encouraged us to observe, manipulate shapes, think about colour and texture and see endless possibilities in familiar objects. I now realise it’s good to experiment and make mistakes as negatives can so often become positives.'
Wendy Phillips

'This course is wonderfully balanced and productive..... and exactly what I needed right now. I am especially grateful to you for reawakening my joy in drawing, plus so much else. Many ideas to pursue.'
-Anne Howard 

Course fee now £75 including the £20 discount.

More information and registration here.
A list of materials can be seen here

Art in Action

This wonderful event happens again from 14-17 July at Waterperry Gardens close to Oxford. Come along to this unique and vast art fair, a wonderful day out for anyone interested in art, craft and creativity in the wider sense. Over the four days I will be one of the artists in residence, demonstrating techniques and materials I use in my practice as painter. I am really looking forward to be part of this energetic, vibrant event.

More information on new Explore Colour Courses

Explore Colour - The Still Life Course

In September 2015 Chaos to Calm was launched as an alternative still life painting course with a strong emphasis on colour and painting techniques. This online painting course is available again in a new format, altered slightly to offer more time for different projects, and more emphasis on developing individual styles. 
Explore Colour - The Still Life course will run from 5 to 26 September.
Cost for this course is £185 and an early bird discount of £25 off will apply until 9 July.

A-Z Explore more!

This brand new course has been designed for artists and designers who are interested in the creative possibilities of modern acrylic mediums and paints. There is so much to explore with Golden's Professional paints. The A-Z full set of 30 paints and mediums in generous sample sizes will be used to create a variety of creative combinations  and brand new techniques to explore and enhance  artistic expression. This course is happening early 2017 and more details will be available by September on
You can register interest here, to be added to a dedicated mailing list.

A new online Workshop and art courses!

New work

Over the last five months I have been focussing my attention on the creation of a large body of work for still life paintings for spring and summer exhibitions.
New pieces can be seen on

I am now happy to announce dates for an online workshop and Art courses coming up in the next few months. 

Art Career Paths

Cassie Boorn, the founder of Modern Thrive invited me to present a live online workshop Career Paths for Artists. This three day long workshop will take place for an hour every day from 21 to 23 June.
If you are a painter, designer, illustrator, maker or another kind of artist, this course might appeal to you.  The workshop is about new and exciting directions you like to do more with your creative abilities, explore new possibilities and options to achieve a fulfilling and lucrative artistically inspired career? 

Book is open until 20 June, receive a $20 discount. Coupon code: EsteVIP
More information on

Creative leap

This popular month long course that was introduced in February will run again this July. 
Creative leap consists of 26 mini projects to get your creative juices flowing.
Register here: 
Please note, a £20 discount will apply to anyone signing up for the 'Career Paths for Artists' workshop in June.

Explore colour - The Still life Course

In September 2015 Chaos to Calm was launched. An alternative still life painting course with an emphasis on colour and painting techniques. This course is available again in a new format, altered slightly to offer more time for the different projects.
This course will run from 5 to 26 September, registration is now open.
This course cost £185 and an early bird discount of £25 off will apply until 9 July.
Register here:
Sign up for updates here:

A-Z Explore more!

This brand new course has been designed for artists and designers who are interested in the creative possibilities of modern acrylic mediums and paints. There is so much to explore with Golden's Professional paints. The A-Z full set of 30 paints and mediums in generous sample sizes will be used to create a variety of creative combinations  and brand new techniques to explore and enhance  artistic expression. This course is happening in October and more details will be available soon on
You can register interest here, and information will be sent to you in August.

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Open studios and art auction

Henley Arts Trail

I take part in one Open studio event every year, as part of the Henley Arts Trail, which takes place over three days during the first bank holiday weekend in May. It is the one time per year where my studio doors are open to the public, there is always a selection of new paintings, work in progress, as well as prints and cards. Visitors are welcome to browse and buy or discuss commissions or specific requirements.

This year is proving to be a bit tricky, our house is undergoing a major building renovation. My studio at the back is not accessible because of the current building work. The plan was to have it watertight and suitable for an open studio with a difference. It was going to be housed in a space with a slightly industrial feel, consisting of the newly built shell.
As it turns out, Open studio 2016 will be in an industrial setting, but with the house built a bit behind schedule, one of the two remaining rooms in the house will be turned into a space to house new work. So, with the house being a building site, I am using one room that will be filled with fresh new colourful work.

So,  I would like to welcome visitors from Berkshire and beyond over the coming weekend,between 11am and 6pm and apologise in advance. Open studios 2017 should be back to normal.

Retro mug 40x50cm (16x20) acrylic in canvas. Available.

Pink room 40x50cm 16x20" acrylic on canvas.
Summer storm 70c70cm (30x30") acrylic on linen. Available.

Sight is priceless

Along with my open studio event, I am once again auctioning an original painting for a wonderful sight restoring. £2 buys a virtual raffle ticket via Justgiving No limit on individual raffle tickets bought. 100% of the proceeds go to Sightsavers. The winner of the painting will be drawn once the target amount has been reached. The raffle is open worldwide and the painting will be shipped at no cost to the winner regardless of location.

Bright morning 12x12" (30x30cm) acrylic on canvas. 

A busy start to 2016.

This year has had a busy start. 

Creative Leap: 
A new online month long course started on 1 February. 
An alternative mini projects based program linked to the alphabet where letters are used as the inspiration for a wide range of subjects. Creative leap developed from mini projects and exercises I've used in different workshops to stimulate creativity. The course is mainly drawing focussed and the daily mini projects and It is suitable for all levels of art experience and disciplines.
Have a look at these time lapse videos to get an idea of the process. 

I really enjoyed putting this course itogether and seeing the creativity flow from reaction to the prompts was a thrill.
Based on the positive responses I will be offering another course in June.

Art Fairs:
A large body of work, mainly still life and floral paintings were created for the Affordable art fairs In February and March I was represented by Will's AAF Brussels and AAF Battersea

Artist of the year contest:
In February Summer's Eve was exhibited at the  Mall galleries along with 49 other paintings shortlisted for the Artist and Illustrator magazine's artist of the year contest. I was awarded the Great Art prize of £500's worth of art materials, what a treat!

Upcoming events:
On 23-24 April I will be artist in residence at the Reading Contemporary art fair an interactive art project linked to Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday, consisting of 90 individual star shapes will be created by visitors. 

Open Studios:
In April it is time for the Henley arts trail again. This annual open studio event is the only one I participate in, and it offers a rare chance to see work in progress as well as buy directly from the studio or discuss commissioning pieces. 30 April to 2 May.

Periscope a social media platform that I enjoy doing live demos or painting sessions on. If you would like to receive notification of these broadcasts, download the app, my tag is #estemacleod

Follow my Facebook art page and Instagram for regular updates, news on events and giveaways.

2015 - The year thats been

"You can't use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have" - Oscar Wilde

This inspiring quote proved true in this amazing year that has just been. At the end of 2015 I have to say that it has been one of the most incredible years, jam packed with opportunities and I am grateful for the wonderful new creative experiences that came my way.

My New Year's resolution on 1 January 2015 was to STAY OPEN. Open to new ideas and opportunities and developments. I knew it was going to be a busy, special year with new challenges, to include a New York licensing fair and giving a presentation at an art conference as well as a whole new direction for my practice: online teaching.

After much thinking, and with the encouragement of my fellow artists and designers, in February I finally decided to offer an online art course. I developed a still life course, and over the next 7 months I worked on, and reworked and recorded video tutorials for the first  Explore Colour course. The courses sold out within days and I will be offering more options in 2016.

The Affordable Art Fair in Battersea is where I have an exhibition every March, represented by Will's Art Warehouse. The gallery also represented me at the Hong Kong AAF and Hampstead Heath AAF later in 2015.
In April I was artist in residence at the Reading Contemporary Art Fair where I guided visitors in the creation of an interactive painting.

Open studios: I have only one event per year when my studio at home is open for three days to visitors. During the first long weekend of May I take part in the Henley Arts Trail. New paintings, work in progress, and items such as my glass casts are available directly from my studio.

In May I also travelled to New York for SURTEX, the licensing fair. It was a new experience to me, and new directions  and licensing outcomes will be realised in 2016.

Work further afield: Adairs, a department store in Australia licensed three of my images and these are now available as  limited edition prints in their stores.

There are two new UK galleries now representing me as well, information on exhibitions with them to follow in the coming months.

Last summer I was a demonstrating artist at Art in Action, a wonderful four day long creative event promoting all kinds of art disciplines. I demonstrated alternative acrylic painting techniques and visitors were involved in creating interactive paintings. A very energetic and enjoyable event and I loved being part of it. I will be demonstrating again in 2016.

Once again I did a community project involving children and adults for BIG DRAW 2016, the theme was Every drawing tells a story. I used letters as inspiration for a large greeting card drawing project called #lettergardens. Around 1000 people participated in this project, including local schools, visitors to the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair, and art clubs and schools in America and Argentina. Wonderful and original artworks were created using the same template, see blogpost below.

The highlight of this year for me has to be the GOLDEN Gathering, a conference for GOLDEN artists-educators in Fort Lauderdale in early December. As an Artist Educator for this outstanding professional artists' material, I did a presentation about interactive art projects. There were over eighty artists from around the world, a fantastic and unique event and I learned much from it as well.After the conference we attended Art Miami and Art Basel over four days. I exhibited in the Square Foot exhibition with Projects Gallery. Thisvisual overdose was followed by a trip I took down the Florida Keys ending in Key West. I have an inkling that my impromptu visit to the Audubon Museum will result in an interesting body of work based on his inspiring copper engravings of American birds.

As the new year is just starting out, I am looking forward to another busy and eventful year. The last surprise of 2015 was the nomination of my painting Summer's Eve for  Artists and Illustrator's: Artist of the Year contest. It made the shortlist of 50, and here is the link for voting online.
The paintings will be exhibited at The Mall Galleries in London in February when the winner will be announced. I say this is a surprise, as I have no idea who nominated me and only learnt of the contest when I was told I had made it to the shortlist.

I supported two charities with three small paintings being auctioned and raffled this year, and thanks to the support from many they raised over £1000 for Starfish Greathearts and Sightsavers.
Kicking off 2016 I created another #drawwithletters painting. 
A timelapse video of the creating process HAPPY NEW YEAR!
The end result is Tom cat. This 30x30cm acrylic on canvas painting is now available with all proceeds going to an animal charity in Cape Town South Africa. (Offers over £200)

Some news about to happen in the next few months: In February my work will be exhibited at the Brussels Affordable Art Fair through Will's Art Warehouse. I've worked on a brand new month long e-course Creative Leap, this will start in February. More exhibition dates will be announced in January.

I look forward to see what 2016 will bring and I wish everyone a colourful and happy new year.

Warm regards,

Drawing with letters

Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.          Jonathan Swift

It's Big Draw time again. Last year's Question mark creative challenge was great, more than 1200 children took part in the drawing project globally.
This year I a drawing project, fun and a bit different, for people from everywhere to join in, not just children. 
The idea is simple and is based on a creative exercise to engage with shapes and forms. 
How it works: 
An A4 template with the handwritten words t e l l  m e  a  s t o r y printed upside down is to be used to create a flower garden drawing with.  

The letters, acting as shapes, to be incorporated in a drawing of a flower garden, only black lines, no colour to be used. 
This template is also a handy card when done in the UK at different venues. One thousand cards had been printed and available to be used as long as stocks last; see The Big Draw for details. 
On World Kindness day Friday13 November 2015, the completed card artwork is to be given to an adult to be coloured in. The idea is to give it to someone in need of a thank you or cheering up. The colouring aspect is in response to the trend for grown ups to colour in. I came upon the idea of creating a card and colouring in combination after one of my paintings was featured in the Autumn edition of Fitting into my Creative Community Project concept it is an added bonus to be doing something fun and art related in schools and art fairs involving the wider public as well. 

Join in this project, schools, groups, individuals, artists, young and old, any time from now until 13 November when I will be doing a live Periscope letter drawing session from 7-7:30pm at the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair.

The card as it appears, A3 size, to be folded in half, on the back page is a finished #lettergarden, a drawing I made from the words 'Every drawing tells a story' (upside down)  this can be coloured in as well, lots of birds, insects, hearts and eyes are hidden, a little bit of fun for eyes to seek out and colour in. Here is the Dropbox link to download the template. You can download the A3 size, of just the front of the card with the large writing on it.
See the youtube chanel  for videos of letter drawings. 

Alongside the purpose of this drawing project to promote art and creativity in the community I'm raffling a painting for Sightsavers, a vision charity. 

Donate £2 or more to Sightsavers via Justgiving Every £2 buys a virtual ticket. An original painting of 30x30cm, based on the concept of letters in art is being auctioned.

Lettergardens, the original painting being raffled.

Developing an online painting course.

This is me doing interactive painting with visitors at the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair last November.

Around six months ago I decided to create an online painting course.
The reason for this was a demand from people following my fb page and encouragement from fellow artists and friends. I occasionally do workshops and projects to promote creativity in the community, but time is often an issue and creating my own art has taken 

Having thought long and hard about how  this will proceed I looked in depth at the way I create.
My working process and methodology is unorthodox and very intuitive, focussing on creating calm from a rather chaotic and colourful background.

Starting off with colour shapes

Completed still life.

A busy visual to start off a landscape painting.

The landscape painting nearing completion.

To demonstrate this practically in the course I have experimented with shapes, colours, a variety of techniques and drawing marks. A tentative formula and working process to be implemented in this course will include live elements and interaction thanks to digital technology with virtual 'hands on' elements to be included by myself drawing digitally on students' developing artworks to offer guidance without actually touching the physical item.

It's quite tricky to explain, and I will release a short video to explain the process in more detail. 
Meanwhile, I've documented the creative process of one of my still life paintings in a time lapse video and demonstrated some of the techniques to be used in the September course.  

I limit places on the course to 60 in order to interact with students effectively. A further course might be added in October as the September one is nearly full.Further courses on Landscape painting and a more Floral design based option will be offered early 2016.If you are interested in the course, have a look for detail on the link at the top or see

Explore Colour Online Course 12-20 September from Este Macleod on Vimeo.

Registration opens on Monday 29 June with the option to benefit from an early bird 15% discount with preregistered students being offered spaces first.
Early bird discount is offered for 24 hours until 12pm 30 June GMT.
Course price is £150, with the discount, £ 127.50
A deposit of £27.50 by end of June will secure a space at the discounted rate in the course from 12-20 September.
Payment of £100 is payable on 1 August onwards. 

Explore Colour Workshops

An online course focussing on alternative ways of using our imagination, creativity, colour and acrylic paint and mediums. 
A series of tutorials and projects to explain how to use coloured background areas to develop cohesive art works from. 
A two week long program to guide participants in building compositions in layers by using colour, texture and shapes in techniques developed and used by professional artist Este MacLeod. 
Dates set 7-20 September 2015.

One eye sees, one eye feels. - Paul Klee

Interested?  Some questions to see if you could benefit from this approach to painting.

Do you have an affinity for colour?
Would you like to develop your artistic style//confidence or painting technique?
Do you need a creative boost?
Are you keen to explore new and different ways of painting with acrylic paint and mediums?
Is working more intuitively be something that appeals to you
Do you feel stuck or unmotivated?
Do you long to see things a bit differently and be more in tune with your own creativity and improving your artistic voice?
Do you have an appreciation for the art of Klee, Kandinsky, Chagall and the Colourists?

If you answer yes to two or more of these questions, you should benefit from this art course.

If the following applies to you, it is probably not the ideal course for you:
Do you work to a precise structure or method and in a very realistic style? Yes?  On the other hand if so, this course might just be what you need.. :-)
Would you like advise on marketing, galleries and licensing?
As I am not an expert in these fields, and I base information on my own experiences this is not an area I am able to offer advise on.
Digital art in any form? This course is exclusively 3D hands on paint and brush and surface.

I think most people longing to develop their creativity and refining their individual style will be able to find this course useful and valuable.

Exploring Colour part one
Whether you are an artist, designer, beginner, leisure painter or full time creative this course will be of benefit to you.
Based on an alternative methods of developing techniques to create energetic artworks with impact, something Este developed over 25 years of being a full time artist. In bite size portions she will explain in a pragmatic way the techniques she uses to create a rich, colour based, cohesive painting.

How will teaching online work?
The course will take place over two weeks, with tutorials and videos showing the way. The main focus will be scheduled over two weekends, assignments will be explained on a website, and interaction and sharing the process of discovery via an exclusive facebook group encouraged.

There will be a limit to 60 participants for this course to enable me to give individual guadance and feedback and I will engage directly with each course participant, offer hands on advise and options via digital media and email. (This is not a digital art course though!)
In 2014 Este became a GOLDEN* artist educator. I utelise this vast range of professional art materials including the full paint range as well as mediums and pastes to create artworks.

Part one is developed around the use of layers applied on a background created by what appears to be a very spontaneous and eratic application of colours in patterns. There's method in this madness though :-) You'll see.

A total of three 16"x16" paintings will be worked on over course, with attention to the following:
Drawing, yes drawing, not to worry if you are not dedicated to drawing, it is one of the ways to discover and develop your own style in a way that will surprise you, no drawing skills required.

Colours: Creating them from a process colour palette of 10 colours and exploring how they react with one another by being layered, diluted, and applied in a variety of ways to achieve a complete spectrum to be used.
Techniques, creating an interesting background with energy, texture, variety and lines using a small but powerful selection of paintbrushes and printing materials.
Composition, finding out what works best for the different assignments as they unfold, refining shapes and creating cohesive well balanced artworks.

As a professional painter Este uses Golden art materials and these will be used in the course tutorials including gesso and paint medium. There are other suitable brands as well a list will be made available in due course.
Canvas and or art board. 3x 16"x16" sizes will be required
Paintbrushes (to be advised on)
An open mind, this is the most important requirement and key to success.
The course is about pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones, a requirement to learn and develop.

The cost of this course is £150 with an early bird discount of 15% off. 
Only 60 participants per course.
Materials are not included in this price. Golden art materials can be obtained in hampers representing 20% discount on RRP, more info to follow.
This course will be on sale from June.
More information will be posted in May 2015 on 
Email if you are interested of have question about this course.


Wow what a week! 

I've just returned from #New York where I exhibited a selection of my paintings as images together with an art collective at #SURTEX from 17-19 May.

The show is intended for designers and agents showing new surface decoration images for licensing. Applications for designs range from textiles to billboards, greeting cards, publications wall art, wall paper, rugs and interior design.

I exhibited in a booth with Cultivate Art Collective, a selection of nine designers from the UK, Canada and USA. 

As this was my debut licensing event it was an interesting experience and not knowing what to expect I was quite amazed at some of the visitors who approached me enquiring about licensing options. Certainly some pleasant surprises and more will be revealed in due course.

The brighter work seemed to attract a lot of attention from visitors and hopefully some of these bold designs will become textiles in the future. Watch this space!

Three of my paintings, two landscapes and one still life will also shortly be available exclusively to Adairs in stores across Australia as part of their Wall art collection. 

Black hills

Stephanotis plant with spoon

Blue skies

Colourful birds

Find the bird.

I'm now back home in the UK and very happy to get stuck into completing paintings for several exhibitions happening over summer.

'Yellow flower' 
This painting has raised over £200 so far through the online Just giving raffle and a winner will shortly be drawn from the many donators who pledged £2 or more towards a very worthy cause benefitting Starfish greathearts AIDS charity
Under a £100 to be raised to get to the target, to be in with a chance please donate on: Just giving

ETSY: New prints and a few originals will be available in my store this weekend.. 

Manic, Magic May

I love the month of May, it's often the busiest time in my calendar as well.

The first long weekend of May is the time I have my studio doors open during the Henley Arts Trail2-4 May, it was a busy and brilliant weekend with over 220 visitors, many repeat customers and several new faces. Fourteen paintings sold as well as sculptural glass and ceramics.

I'm taking part in an annual Still life exhibition at Will's Art in London. It started on 8 May and continues until the end of June.

A bit of travelling for me will happen as well this month as I am going to New York next Friday to show new designs and images at the SURTEX trade fair,  happening from 17-19 May at the Javits centre.

I am starting to get excited about the eminent New York adventure, meeting some of my fellow artists and designers, buyer, attending seminars and visiting a few museums and galleries as well.

A selection of my paintings can be seen at the Hong Kong Affordable Art fair from 22 - 24 May I am represented by Will's Art.

My store is one year old, to celebrate over 100 sales in the first year I am having an offer of free shipping on all orders over £15. 
Offer expires on Monday 11 May. 

I am continue to work on the EXPLORE COLOUR online course to happen this September. If interested please have a look at the link at the top, and get in touch if you would like to be added to the list.

Open Studios 2015

It's that time of year again.
From 2 to 4 May I am taking part in the Henley Arts Trail.
Everyone is welcome to visit my studio over these days from 11am-6pm.
New work, still lives, landscapes and colourful floral and bird paintings will be available.
Many of these paintings had been created whilst I was visiting South Africa.

More paintings will be added in this post shortly.
If you'd like to visit see more details on HAT15
All items in my ETSY shop will be available at a 15% discount, use coupon MERRYMAY15

Blue Sky is one of these paintings, and is about to be licensed for wall art prints. The original is available.

Busy birds acrylic on canvas 60x60cm. Available

Birds and Butterflies acrylic on canvas 40x40cm Available.

The Changing Season

I love springtime. At the moment with winter turning into spring it's lovely to see things growing as the days are getting longer. 
Seasons, nature, travel and the environment inspire me to create.
I also love colour, it is probably the most important and continuous inspiration for my paintings. 
Here is a documentation of a 40x40cm acrylic on textured canvas. 

The creation of Blue skies:

I started on a black gesso background. Applying thin layers of colours to create a texture and rythm to build upon.

A meadow with a small bit of sky started to appear. GOLDEN high flow and fluid paint is used for thin but opaque layers and marks.

White details are over painted with transparent washes of acrylic matte medium and GOLDEN* fluid paint.

More detail is added on an blocks of colour defining the fields, sky and trees.

The final outcome.
Fresh bright greens and little pink flashes to catch the eye and lift the heart.
This painting was sold before the paint have dried
Prints are now available on
An A3 print will be given away to someone on the mailing list. 
To join the list either go to or sign up on the top right hand side of the page.
Winner of the print will be emailed.

I'm currently working on the content of an online painting course. In September a two weekend long workshop exploring colour will be offered. Students will get to experiment with new acrylic painting techniques as developed by myself in my practise. Using paints such as FLUID, HIGH FLOW, HEAVY BODY and OPEN along with painting medium, it's bound to be engaging, fun and informative.

Spaces are limited to sixty students.
If interested please email