Last Call! Flower Collage

Flower Collage 4-31 March

This Explore Colour course is packed with projects to inspire and enthuse. It is a popular course, created over the summer of 2018 and repeated one more time in 2019. I will create a follow on course towards the end of 2019, building on the processes and concepts used to create dynamic mixed media painted paper collages. 

Have a look at the Explore Colour for information about the course and feedback from past students.


‘A moveable feast’ 120x150cm Acrylic on linen canvas.  

‘A moveable feast’ 120x150cm Acrylic on linen canvas.  

Affordable Art Fair Battersea

March is when the Affordable Art Spring Fair in Battersea takes place, I have been represented at this event by Wills Art Warehouse for over a decade, and a brand new collection of my paintings can be seen here from 7-10 March 

My solo exhibition Halcyon is on at Wills Art Warehouse until 26 March.

A little paradise 90x95cm Acrylic on wood     

A little paradise 90x95cm Acrylic on wood  


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Developing an online painting course.

This is me doing interactive painting with visitors at the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair last November.

Around six months ago I decided to create an online painting course.
The reason for this was a demand from people following my fb page and encouragement from fellow artists and friends. I occasionally do workshops and projects to promote creativity in the community, but time is often an issue and creating my own art has taken 

Having thought long and hard about how  this will proceed I looked in depth at the way I create.
My working process and methodology is unorthodox and very intuitive, focussing on creating calm from a rather chaotic and colourful background.

Starting off with colour shapes

Completed still life.

A busy visual to start off a landscape painting.

The landscape painting nearing completion.

To demonstrate this practically in the course I have experimented with shapes, colours, a variety of techniques and drawing marks. A tentative formula and working process to be implemented in this course will include live elements and interaction thanks to digital technology with virtual 'hands on' elements to be included by myself drawing digitally on students' developing artworks to offer guidance without actually touching the physical item.

It's quite tricky to explain, and I will release a short video to explain the process in more detail. 
Meanwhile, I've documented the creative process of one of my still life paintings in a time lapse video and demonstrated some of the techniques to be used in the September course.  

I limit places on the course to 60 in order to interact with students effectively. A further course might be added in October as the September one is nearly full.Further courses on Landscape painting and a more Floral design based option will be offered early 2016.If you are interested in the course, have a look for detail on the link at the top or see

Explore Colour Online Course 12-20 September from Este Macleod on Vimeo.

Registration opens on Monday 29 June with the option to benefit from an early bird 15% discount with preregistered students being offered spaces first.
Early bird discount is offered for 24 hours until 12pm 30 June GMT.
Course price is £150, with the discount, £ 127.50
A deposit of £27.50 by end of June will secure a space at the discounted rate in the course from 12-20 September.
Payment of £100 is payable on 1 August onwards.