A Brand New Course!

Explore Shapes in Ink and Watercolour

I’d like to tell you about a new course that I developed this year. Following the same principles of my Explore Colour courses, Explore Shapes in Ink and Watercolour was developed around a limited selection of materials, simple concepts and fresh ideas to guide students to push their own limits regardless of previous artistic experience. This three week course is ideal for those on a summer break since it is done on a watercolour paper pad and easier to transport. An Early Bird discount applies until 21 June, £120 instead of the full price of £150. You can read more about the content below.

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Explore Shapes in Ink and Watercolour

Explore Shapes in Ink and Watercolour is a brand new three week course running from 7-27 July 2019. 


Shapes, colours and a variety of painting techniques explored in water-based mixed media. A fresh and light course with the aim to inspire and uplift. Develop your sense of colour and use of shapes, Play and expand your knowledge of media and create a vocabulary of shapes, forms and techniques to use in your own art practice. Be inspired!

 The Course

A course consisting of daily mini-projects Monday to Friday to explore shapes and painting techniques in watercolour and acrylic ink with a bigger weekend art project to incorporate aspects of that week’s mini-projects. The course runs over three weeks and is a bit different than the other Explore Colour courses in that it can be done in a watercolour paper sketchbook with minimal materials, so it's ideal to do even if you are on vacation.


The aim of this course is to explore colours and techniques by creating project starting with simple shapes from a variety of everyday sources. Inspiration comes from basic geometric shapes, organic forms found in vegetable and fruit, handwriting and letters and more. By using traditional art materials in innovative 'outside the box' thinking, new directions are explored.The daily mini-projects are important to keep the focus on developing forms that are central to the creation of a vocabulary of shapes, colours and and techniques to be used in the bigger weekend projects, and in your individual art practices.


The course is delivered in three modules. Every weekday at 9am BST, a mini-project will be released through the course portal on the Explore Colour website.

They contain instructions to create the daily assignments to be done in sequence in order to build up to the weekend art project to conclude the module. The daily projects can be done in the space of 30 to 60 minutes, depending on how much exploration is done by individuals. 

The weekend projects are longer since they incorporate techniques and shapes introduced throughout the previous five days to create an artwork. Este will be doing weekly live demos to compliment the course material. These are delivered within a private Facebook group setup for this course. On Sundays there will be no projects to afford some time to catch up, expand projects as you see fit or take time out.

Once the course ends, an additional two months will be available to revisit projects through the course portal.

Facebook group

This group is for students to share work in progress and finished projects. It is also the place to ask questions and where Este will give feedback and do the live demonstrations. 

The Facebook group will remain up after the course ends and the live demos can be viewed later. 

Who the course is for

Artists and designers of all descriptions and levels of experience will benefit from the course. Este has created all of the Explore Colour courses to focus on keeping things very simple whilst allowing for individual exploration and development from the basic course materials.

Registration is via a link on Explore Colour. The Early Bird discount of £120 applies until 21 June. After this date the prices will be £150.

Handmade in Oxford

Art in Action used to be a highlight in the artistic calendar and I was lucky enough to be a demonstrating artist at this event on a number of occasions. The last Art in Action was in 2017 and this year sees a new event taking place at Waterperry house. Handmade in Oxford celebrates art and craft in many forms and I will be there from the 27th to 30th June demonstrating painting techniques I use in my paintings. This event is bound to be an inspiring and invigorating place to be.

Summer Exhibitions

My paintings can be found in a number of galleries around the UK, and over the summer collections can be seen at Gallery Top, Red Rag gallery Iona House Gallery Wills Art Warehouse and others.