A Creative New Year!

Happy 2019!

The New Year has started. Have you made any resolutions for this one? You can make it a special one by giving yourself time to explore your own creativity and expand your artistic skills. Flower Collage is a four-week course originally run in October 2018. It proved to be very popular and it will be offered once more in 2019. Flower Collage is packed with daily mini-projects that guide you towards four larger collage projects. This online course will run from the 4th to the 31st March and is suitable for all levels of artistic experience. Course material will remain online for an extra two months (until the end of May) to allow you to redo projects or catch up.

The Early Bird discount offer of £165 will expire on the 4th January. The regular price is £195.

To read more about the course and register for Flower Collage please take a look here. I’ve also included feedback from previous students below.

With colourful greetings!


You're a generous and talented teacher/artist Este. I appreciate you so much. Thanks for all of this time and information. I just love playing, learning more and more and being inspired by you and others in our course Facebook group.
— L W.

Thank you for this amazing course bursting with so many creative ideas, new skills and so so much beauty. You truly are amazing both as an artist and as an instructor. Thanks so much!!
— E.B.

I learned far more than I ever expected. Before this course I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Now I am eager to practice and then learn more. Many many thanks.
— E.D.

Thanks for sharing wonderful new techniques and ideas. With this course and the one before, I have gained confidence in what I make and made more time for my art. You are a constant source of inspiration.
— C.P.

Thank you Este. As always your online course has been fantastic. You definitely plan and present an extremely thorough course. So much goes into each one... So many fun activities, so many great ideas!

Thank you Este for such a wonderful class. I learned so much...not only about collage...color mixing, design....even to let my imagination run wild to make flowers from the letter of the alphabet! Your course was clear and easy to follow, with each step building on the one before it. I look forward to taking other classes from you in the future.
— D.L.

Thanks Este! It was a great class. So filled with information I thought my head would explode! You are a great teacher!
— R.W.