Love Flowers and Colours?


Join in the fun this autumn. It’s not long to go before Flower Collage starts. I’m very excited about this brand new course and what it has to offer regarding a different way to explore colour and using flowers as muse.


Flower Collage became a course in its own right after I noticed how effective collaging was as a mini-project during the previous Explore Colour course where I used it to explain layering and shading. As an artist, I use painted tissue paper collages as part of my own creative process, to plan colours combinations and basic compositions to be used in paintings. The process of collage offers a freedom to explore with different ideas, and the incorporation of paint techniques allows you to be brave and bold. Flower Collage is a course developed to inspire artists and designers alike.

Flowers as Theme

Flowers are the perfect subjects for exploring creative styles and the method of using painted paper collage is ideal to expand and develop colour combinations in different ways.


This month-long course has been developed as a program to explore collaging in a different way. Thin papers are covered with acrylic paint then applied using a variety of techniques. These are then used in layers to create mixed media collage flower arrangements. Central to the course is the combination of colours and decorative floral styles that are explored in alternative ways. There are several mini-projects that will form the basis of four principle flower-themed projects developed around distinct artistic styles and colours and incorporating different creative processes and mediums.


The course materials will be published on via a password-protected page. The course is delivered in video format, with demonstrations showing a variety of paint techniques and colour combinations to be applied to the different projects.


Elements included in this course are drawing, stamping, mark making, layering of paint, shading, and collaging with mixed media.


A closed Facebook Group page will be used to aid communication and will be the place where questions can be asked and project outcomes can be posted. This group is also for general networking and where I will offer feedback.


Flower Collage has been developed as a place to experiment and to develop knowledge of colour, collage and painting skills.


This is also a place for designers to expand portfolios. Work developed as a result of the course can be shared on websites, social media and blogs. 

Course Fee £195