Early Bird

Creative Leap!

In July I will be running the month long Creative Leap Summer course. From 1-31 July, twenty six daily projects and four weekend projects will be offered that will be the last drawing focussed Explore Colour course for 2018. 

The July course is a repeat of the new 2018 Creative Leap course that was launched in February. This is a follow on after the successful first Creative Leap course that was launched in 2016.  Once again it will be packed with alternative daily projects to inspire ideas and ignite imaginations. The course can be done during July with four additional weeks in August to catch up, or redo projects. All twenty six projects can be downloaded too. Over the four July weekends, I'll be doing live demonstrations of extended art projects, showing a selection of techniques and processes linked to the basic course. The demonstrations will happen in the Facebook private classroom page.

Enrol on Creative Leap at the Early Bird price of £85. This is available until 29 May only! The regular price is £125. Registration for the course closes on 30 June.


Here are some testimonials from previous students:

"Thank you so much for this unique and amazing class! It has given my art and creativity such a boost, rekindled my creative spirit, and I have absolutely loved each project, and loved seeing everyone else’s creations and interpretations. I’ll definitely sign up for other courses you’ll teach. Thank you!!" CP

"Thank you for this wonderful course! You offered us a different, more playful approach in being creative, providing us with many inspiring mini projects." MS

"Finally finished the mini projects, took my time with Z and enjoyed looking back, we've done so much! A great finish to a fantastic course, and my main aim which was to encourage myself to make more time for art has been fully achieved. Thank you Este, and thank you everyone on the course, I've really enjoyed sharing this experience with you all." SM

"Sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Este Macleod and all my classmates for this wonderful, fun, and enlightening opportunity. It has been such an honor and privilege to study with you, I look forward to taking another one of your classes someday Este." CM

A new painting course!

A brand new Explore Colour painting course will be offered in October. The theme is 'Landscapes' and it promises to be filled with exciting new content. A variety of painting techniques and creative processes will be demonstrated in this course, with the landscape theme linking the projects with the four seasons. Registration will open in August. More on this later.

The Broadway Arts Festival

If you are in the vicinity of Broadway in the Cotswolds, England around 8 to 17 June, pop into this wonderful summer art event, packed with a variety of art workshops, talks and demonstrations, as well as exhibitions. I will be doing two hands on demonstrations on 8 and 9 June as part of the artBEAT program. I will be doing the talks from 2:30 to 3:30 on Friday and Saturday afternoons. You can sign up on this link https://broadwayartsfestival.com/events/category/art-beat/

Juicy June

Daily updates of new work, exhibitions and glimpses into my art practice can be found on my Instagram account.  In June I will be celebrating a month of colour, with each day will be devoted to a different colour. I am inviting a number of artists and designers to join me. Follow https://www.instagram.com/estemacleod/ to find out more. I will be doing some colour mixing and impromptu painting sessions during this month. #juicyjune is the hashtag to look out for if you are on Instagram.