Creative Kickstart 2018!

Happy New Year!

January is here. One way to kickstart the year with something fun that generates creative energy is to join the next Explore Colour course in February, a brand new Creative Leap that I've been developing over the last twelve months.

creative Leap dark.jpeg

The first Creative Leap was launched in February 2016. It was so successful it was repeated three times as a live course and I'm in the final stages of getting it ready for publication too. 

Creative Leap 2018 is the follow up course: it is based on the same ideas and principles as 2016 with twenty-six brand new projects added and four bonus weekend projects (these are optional for people wanting to explore some of the projects in greater detail using different art materials and techniques).

Here are some Question and Answers with more information on the course:

Q. What is the course about?

A. It is an online art and creativity course, focussing on drawing as basic tool that will lead to an abundance of discoveries and ways to develop art practices, and creativity with explorations of  new ideas, methods techniques and fresh observation techniques.

Q. Drawing, I don't think I am very good at drawing, is this for me?

A. Yes, if you can write you can draw! The course is suitable for all levels of artistic experience, including professional artists, illustrators and designers. In short, as little children we all draw by our own accord. As we grow, we learn how to write by means of letter shapes, the twenty six letters of the alphabet are universally used to create codes in the form of words and sentences. The letters that are universal are written in handwriting which is unique to each of us. In this process most people lose the creative and expressive qualities of drawings we possess as children. By deconstructing the use of letters as fundamental lines, forms and shapes, new ways of drawing,  creating and observing are introduced. The familiarity of our own handwriting is fundamental to the process. Drawing skills will also improve for those who are rusty or novices.

Q. Daily projects: How much time would this require daily?

A. Probably 20-30minutes, but It depends on how much you wish to explore. The nature of the mini projects are to inspire and entice people to want to do more by drawing and discovering new ways to create. Once the basic idea has been grasped, it will open up the way to draw more in this unusual way. The bonus weekend projects will take longer, between 2 and 3 hours.

Q. Drawing is mentioned, what else will be covered?

A. Drawing form the basis of this course, but it is a way to introduce different mediums and techniques: Golden High Flow or other acrylic inks, watercolour paint, pencils, fine liners as well as non regular materials. A variety of unusual surfaces are introduced for the weekend projects but remember, these are optional: the twenty six mini-projects are the focus of this course.

Q. How long will the course material be available for?

A. The course runs from 1st to 28th February. Mini-projects are published daily and the majority will have short video demonstrations as well as instructions and images to explain the process or concept. PDF downloadable documents are available for download in order to do the projects at a later stage. The four weekend art projects will be demonstrated in live sessions in the private Creative Leap group on Facebook with access limited to Creative Leap students. The recorded live sessions will still be viewable after the end of February.

Q. Materials: the list for Creative Leap is quite long, can I use my own mixed media instead?

A. Yes and no. An indirect aim of this course is to show the versatility of acrylic inks as drawing and painting tools, and they'll be used in the course with a dip pen, as watercolour substitute, as acrylic paint, mixed with paint medium. They'll also be used for printing,  tinting substrates and painting in thin layers. Regular acrylics do not offer the same options. If you're unsure, one or two colours of the acrylic ink is sufficient to try it out, 

Q. Why is the course only for a month?

A. One of the purposes of the course is to use the daily mini-projects to gain creative momentum. The course is intended for personal artistic growth and the downloadable projects will offer enough information to do the projects at a later stage. After the course finishes, a further four weeks will be made available to view course material.

Q. I have done the first Creative Leap course, is this a bit of the same?

A. No. Even though the principle is the same, with projects developing mainly from handwriting, there are twenty six different projects, with new topics and creative processes introduced. The course is practical as a follow on from the original course, as well as a stand alone option. Creative Leap is intended for all kinds of artists. NEW: I've included a selection of predicted trending designs and images, in particular aimed at surface pattern designers and illustrators.

Q. Can I post course material and project outcomes on my blog, website or social media or use it in my own workshops or demos?

A. Creative Leap is intended to develop artistic practices in quite precise ways as developed by myself. Outcomes done as direct results from the projects are not to be shared online please, and Creative Leap concepts are not to be used for individual workshops or demos.

Register for Creative Leap, the Early Bird registration is £85, and available until 3 January. Registration after 3 January is £125 and closes on 31 January. Registration is via the Paypal button on the website. An email will be sent out on the 7th of January to give instructions to join the course starting on the 1st of February. Please check if the email address used for registration is the one to be used for course communication. If not, email me an alternative one. 


In December I launched a giveaway for one free place for the Creative Leap Course on Instagram and Facebook 

The winner is Fran Gracieotropp.

live demo!

Find out more! On Friday at 12PM GMT (London time) I will be giving a live demo in Instagram to explain one of the projects of Creative Leap in more detail. 

Wishing everyone good health, happy times and much creativity in 2018.