Happy Holidays!

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December, the last month of an eventful year and Christmas is around the corner. 

This is probably my last newsletter for this year, and I’d like to share some news with you.

Creative Collaborations

Over the last year I have been doing a collaboration with the creative team at Crate and Barrel. The collection of designs will be launched early 2019. In October their new collection of Crate and Barrel gift cards was launched featuring designs from fourteen artists, including mine as part of the “Wrap your gift in art” campaign.


Another collaboration was with Flametree Publishing who produced a 2019 wall calendar featuring twelve of my flower and bird paintings. These can be found globally in good books stores, on Amazon and in my Etsy store. They make practical Christmas gifts that’ll last all year.

Exclusively on Etsy

Speaking of gift ideas, until Tuesday 4 December a 10% discount applies to orders over £50 in my online Etsy store. The last day for Christmas orders is 10 December. My limited edition prints are only for sale exclusively in the Etsy store.

Explore Colour -  Flower Collage

I created a new month long online art course this Autumn, and will be offering it once only in 2019. The course is packed with 28 daily projects, including four big weekly art projects and live demos in a closed Facebook classroom space. The course has been developed to explore floral styles and themes by means of painting techniques and different colour combinations.


Flower Collage is suitable for artists and designers of all levels of experience. The course will be available for eight weeks after 31 March to allow students to catch up or redo course projects.

Until 31 December an Early Bird discount applies £165 instead of £195. Treat a creative loved one this Christmas to an alternative present, a course guaranteed to inspire and enthuse.  


Have a Jolly December!

Colourful greetings,


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Love Flowers and Colours?


Join in the fun this autumn. It’s not long to go before Flower Collage starts. I’m very excited about this brand new course and what it has to offer regarding a different way to explore colour and using flowers as muse.


Flower Collage became a course in its own right after I noticed how effective collaging was as a mini-project during the previous Explore Colour course where I used it to explain layering and shading. As an artist, I use painted tissue paper collages as part of my own creative process, to plan colours combinations and basic compositions to be used in paintings. The process of collage offers a freedom to explore with different ideas, and the incorporation of paint techniques allows you to be brave and bold. Flower Collage is a course developed to inspire artists and designers alike.

Flowers as Theme

Flowers are the perfect subjects for exploring creative styles and the method of using painted paper collage is ideal to expand and develop colour combinations in different ways.


This month-long course has been developed as a program to explore collaging in a different way. Thin papers are covered with acrylic paint then applied using a variety of techniques. These are then used in layers to create mixed media collage flower arrangements. Central to the course is the combination of colours and decorative floral styles that are explored in alternative ways. There are several mini-projects that will form the basis of four principle flower-themed projects developed around distinct artistic styles and colours and incorporating different creative processes and mediums.


The course materials will be published on www.explorecolour.com via a password-protected page. The course is delivered in video format, with demonstrations showing a variety of paint techniques and colour combinations to be applied to the different projects.


Elements included in this course are drawing, stamping, mark making, layering of paint, shading, and collaging with mixed media.


A closed Facebook Group page will be used to aid communication and will be the place where questions can be asked and project outcomes can be posted. This group is also for general networking and where I will offer feedback.


Flower Collage has been developed as a place to experiment and to develop knowledge of colour, collage and painting skills.


This is also a place for designers to expand portfolios. Work developed as a result of the course can be shared on websites, social media and blogs. 

Course Fee £195



Summer fun!

Creative Leap: If you can write, you can draw.

Do something fun this summer, develop your creativity and artistic skills with a month long drawing focussed course. Creative Leap is an alternative online art course designed to get people drawing, using handwriting and the letters as link. I created this program in 2016, and developed two Creative Leap courses using the concept of handwriting and the alphabet as basic prompt to draw and create from.  

This course is offered for the last time in its current format, to include four bigger weekend art projects. The weekend projects are exploring art techniques and mediums and are complimentary to the 26 letter based mini projects.

The course runs from 1 to 31 July, with an additional four weeks to catch up.

Registration closes on 30 June. Information and sign up: www.explorecolour.com 


I am giving away two free places on the Creative Leap course. The winners will be announced on my Instagram account on 30 June. https://www.instagram.com/estemacleod/

Other news:

In May I exhibited in New York at the Blue Print Surface Design and Print Show. There are a number of projects and the pipeline, collaborations with homeware companies and publishers. More on this in the months to come.

Teatowels and Notebooks! 

I now have a collection of 20 notebooks and 10 tea towel designs available in my Etsy shop.

https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/EsteMacLeodDesigns  These are available at wholesale prices as well. Get in touch for larger orders. 

2019 Calendar

Flametree, publishers of beautiful calendars used 12 of my bird paintings in a colourful 2019 calendar. This will be available from Amazon and stores in the U.K. and abroad. I will also have a quantity available from August.  

i am making new paintings for upcoming shows. and are taking part in a number of summer shows in galleries around the UK. More about this in the next newsletter. 

Colourful greetings


Early Bird

Creative Leap!

In July I will be running the month long Creative Leap Summer course. From 1-31 July, twenty six daily projects and four weekend projects will be offered that will be the last drawing focussed Explore Colour course for 2018. 

The July course is a repeat of the new 2018 Creative Leap course that was launched in February. This is a follow on after the successful first Creative Leap course that was launched in 2016.  Once again it will be packed with alternative daily projects to inspire ideas and ignite imaginations. The course can be done during July with four additional weeks in August to catch up, or redo projects. All twenty six projects can be downloaded too. Over the four July weekends, I'll be doing live demonstrations of extended art projects, showing a selection of techniques and processes linked to the basic course. The demonstrations will happen in the Facebook private classroom page.

Enrol on Creative Leap at the Early Bird price of £85. This is available until 29 May only! The regular price is £125. Registration for the course closes on 30 June.


Here are some testimonials from previous students:

"Thank you so much for this unique and amazing class! It has given my art and creativity such a boost, rekindled my creative spirit, and I have absolutely loved each project, and loved seeing everyone else’s creations and interpretations. I’ll definitely sign up for other courses you’ll teach. Thank you!!" CP

"Thank you for this wonderful course! You offered us a different, more playful approach in being creative, providing us with many inspiring mini projects." MS

"Finally finished the mini projects, took my time with Z and enjoyed looking back, we've done so much! A great finish to a fantastic course, and my main aim which was to encourage myself to make more time for art has been fully achieved. Thank you Este, and thank you everyone on the course, I've really enjoyed sharing this experience with you all." SM

"Sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Este Macleod and all my classmates for this wonderful, fun, and enlightening opportunity. It has been such an honor and privilege to study with you, I look forward to taking another one of your classes someday Este." CM

A new painting course!

A brand new Explore Colour painting course will be offered in October. The theme is 'Landscapes' and it promises to be filled with exciting new content. A variety of painting techniques and creative processes will be demonstrated in this course, with the landscape theme linking the projects with the four seasons. Registration will open in August. More on this later.

The Broadway Arts Festival

If you are in the vicinity of Broadway in the Cotswolds, England around 8 to 17 June, pop into this wonderful summer art event, packed with a variety of art workshops, talks and demonstrations, as well as exhibitions. I will be doing two hands on demonstrations on 8 and 9 June as part of the artBEAT program. I will be doing the talks from 2:30 to 3:30 on Friday and Saturday afternoons. You can sign up on this link https://broadwayartsfestival.com/events/category/art-beat/

Juicy June

Daily updates of new work, exhibitions and glimpses into my art practice can be found on my Instagram account.  In June I will be celebrating a month of colour, with each day will be devoted to a different colour. I am inviting a number of artists and designers to join me. Follow https://www.instagram.com/estemacleod/ to find out more. I will be doing some colour mixing and impromptu painting sessions during this month. #juicyjune is the hashtag to look out for if you are on Instagram.


Manic May

It's May, and probably the busiest month of this year for me! 

Open Studios

From 5 to 7 May I will take part in the Henley Arts Trail, opening my studio to visitors over the Bank Holiday weekend. New paintings, limited edition prints and other products will be available directly. Opening times: are 10am to 5pm daily.

Info: http://www.henleyartstrail.com/

The Affordable Art Fair. London, Hampstea

A selection of large paintings, including new still life and floral artworks will be on show in this special location. I’m represented by Wills Art Warehouse at this event from 10 to 15 May 

Info: https://affordableartfair.com/fairs/

Blueprint Surface Design and rint Show, New York

From 20 to 22 May I will be in New York for this design orientated expo. Even though I am known as a painter, I am also a designer with a background in textile design. Over the last few years I have been doing collaborations with homeware and interior companies, greeting card producers and publishers.  A collection of my artworks will be launched as repeat patterns for surface design and pattern applications. 

If you are in New York at this time, and interested in meeting up with a collaboration or project in mind, get in touch or visit me at Stand 52. Location is Hudson Mercantile, 500 West 36th Street, NYC.

Info: http://www.blueprintshows.com/

Arran, Scotland

Upon my return from ew York I will be enjoying a week to be recharged, rejuvenated and relax with my family on the Isle of Arran in Scotland. This is a magical place, with beautiful scenery to inspire atmospheric landscape paintings.                  

Arran info: http://www.visitarran.com/

What is your favourite?

Do you have a favourite kind of fruit?

Mine is Clingstone peaches and nectarines, and maybe cherries. I love most fruit actually. Did you know that the vast majority of fruit are pollinated by honey bees? Almost all fruit were flowers at first. It is a bit dreary, grey and damp in my neck of the woods, so I thought I'd create a cheery artwork in praise of the humble honey bee. A daily mini project inspired by flying insects and pollinators will be included in the next Explore Colour onllne course. 

bee small.jpeg

If you would like to get a glimpse of my creative process, and are interested in doing the Creative Leap Course that will start on 1 February, you can follow me on  INSTAGRAM where I will be doing a live demo at 4PM GMT. This can be viewed for 24 hours afterwards

The course consists of 26 daily mini projects that are inspired by the alphabet, letter shapes and individual handwriting. The themes range to cover all sorts of topics and are suitable for all levels of ability. Four bigger weekend projects will focus on using a variety of art materials and techniques. If you would like more info on the course please see the Kickstart blog post of 1 January. Registration is open until 28 January.

Check out my  ETSY shop over the next few days if you are interested in smaller original paintings. I will be adding a fresh collection work that is available for global shipping.

Colourful greetings


Source: https://www.instagram.com/estemacleod/

Creative Kickstart 2018!

Happy New Year!

January is here. One way to kickstart the year with something fun that generates creative energy is to join the next Explore Colour course in February, a brand new Creative Leap that I've been developing over the last twelve months.

creative Leap dark.jpeg

The first Creative Leap was launched in February 2016. It was so successful it was repeated three times as a live course and I'm in the final stages of getting it ready for publication too. 

Creative Leap 2018 is the follow up course: it is based on the same ideas and principles as 2016 with twenty-six brand new projects added and four bonus weekend projects (these are optional for people wanting to explore some of the projects in greater detail using different art materials and techniques).

Here are some Question and Answers with more information on the course:

Q. What is the course about?

A. It is an online art and creativity course, focussing on drawing as basic tool that will lead to an abundance of discoveries and ways to develop art practices, and creativity with explorations of  new ideas, methods techniques and fresh observation techniques.

Q. Drawing, I don't think I am very good at drawing, is this for me?

A. Yes, if you can write you can draw! The course is suitable for all levels of artistic experience, including professional artists, illustrators and designers. In short, as little children we all draw by our own accord. As we grow, we learn how to write by means of letter shapes, the twenty six letters of the alphabet are universally used to create codes in the form of words and sentences. The letters that are universal are written in handwriting which is unique to each of us. In this process most people lose the creative and expressive qualities of drawings we possess as children. By deconstructing the use of letters as fundamental lines, forms and shapes, new ways of drawing,  creating and observing are introduced. The familiarity of our own handwriting is fundamental to the process. Drawing skills will also improve for those who are rusty or novices.

Q. Daily projects: How much time would this require daily?

A. Probably 20-30minutes, but It depends on how much you wish to explore. The nature of the mini projects are to inspire and entice people to want to do more by drawing and discovering new ways to create. Once the basic idea has been grasped, it will open up the way to draw more in this unusual way. The bonus weekend projects will take longer, between 2 and 3 hours.

Q. Drawing is mentioned, what else will be covered?

A. Drawing form the basis of this course, but it is a way to introduce different mediums and techniques: Golden High Flow or other acrylic inks, watercolour paint, pencils, fine liners as well as non regular materials. A variety of unusual surfaces are introduced for the weekend projects but remember, these are optional: the twenty six mini-projects are the focus of this course.

Q. How long will the course material be available for?

A. The course runs from 1st to 28th February. Mini-projects are published daily and the majority will have short video demonstrations as well as instructions and images to explain the process or concept. PDF downloadable documents are available for download in order to do the projects at a later stage. The four weekend art projects will be demonstrated in live sessions in the private Creative Leap group on Facebook with access limited to Creative Leap students. The recorded live sessions will still be viewable after the end of February.

Q. Materials: the list for Creative Leap is quite long, can I use my own mixed media instead?

A. Yes and no. An indirect aim of this course is to show the versatility of acrylic inks as drawing and painting tools, and they'll be used in the course with a dip pen, as watercolour substitute, as acrylic paint, mixed with paint medium. They'll also be used for printing,  tinting substrates and painting in thin layers. Regular acrylics do not offer the same options. If you're unsure, one or two colours of the acrylic ink is sufficient to try it out, 

Q. Why is the course only for a month?

A. One of the purposes of the course is to use the daily mini-projects to gain creative momentum. The course is intended for personal artistic growth and the downloadable projects will offer enough information to do the projects at a later stage. After the course finishes, a further four weeks will be made available to view course material.

Q. I have done the first Creative Leap course, is this a bit of the same?

A. No. Even though the principle is the same, with projects developing mainly from handwriting, there are twenty six different projects, with new topics and creative processes introduced. The course is practical as a follow on from the original course, as well as a stand alone option. Creative Leap is intended for all kinds of artists. NEW: I've included a selection of predicted trending designs and images, in particular aimed at surface pattern designers and illustrators.

Q. Can I post course material and project outcomes on my blog, website or social media or use it in my own workshops or demos?

A. Creative Leap is intended to develop artistic practices in quite precise ways as developed by myself. Outcomes done as direct results from the projects are not to be shared online please, and Creative Leap concepts are not to be used for individual workshops or demos.

Register for Creative Leap, the Early Bird registration is £85, and available until 3 January. Registration after 3 January is £125 and closes on 31 January. Registration is via the Paypal button on the website. An email will be sent out on the 7th of January to give instructions to join the course starting on the 1st of February. Please check if the email address used for registration is the one to be used for course communication. If not, email me an alternative one. 


In December I launched a giveaway for one free place for the Creative Leap Course on Instagram and Facebook 

The winner is Fran Gracieotropp.

live demo!

Find out more! On Friday at 12PM GMT (London time) I will be giving a live demo in Instagram to explain one of the projects of Creative Leap in more detail. 

Wishing everyone good health, happy times and much creativity in 2018.


Happy Holidays!

christmas 2017.png


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

This year has flown: 2017 is nearly done and I would like to wish everyone who follows my work and does my courses a merry Christmas and all the best for 2018.

The next Explore Colour online course, Creative Leap starts on 1 February. Treat yourself, or give an alternative gift that will inspire in numerous ways and will last for a long time. Creative Leap is a newly developed course of twenty-six mini projects and four more in depth bonus weekend art projects to nurture individual creativity. I will be giving away one place in this course to someone who tags a friend or shares the Winter Landscape video that can be seen on my Instagram and Facebook pages on 24 December. A winner will be picked on 1 January. 

Make use of the Early bird offer valid until 3 January 2018, £85 instead of £125. Sign up on Explore Colour


Many thanks to everyone who bought prints on my Etsy shop this month. 10% of all sales will be donated to Sightsavers, In the UK the government is matching any donations made in December and so far, the money raised has been enough for several cataract operations. See the wonderful work this organisation does. If you would still like to buy a last minute gift, here is the link to my Etsy shop.

Colourful greetings,


Source: www.explorecolour.com

Spread some joy!


It's the last month of 2017! The world is in turmoil and at times a bit overwhelming. For me personally 2017 was a rather tricky one, with house renovation dramas and an eye illness, but it was also a very good and eventful year and I am feeling grateful for many good things that happened along the way.

I feel thankful for continued support from my family and friends, the galleries representing me in the UK and abroad, as well as people following my processes on social media and collecting my work. I love being an artist and creating paintings a bring me a lot joy!

A Special Project!

Raising funds for good causes.

The 1st December is World AIDS day. This disease affect many people worldwide, in South Africa still more than 7 million people live with AIDS. I was born and raised in South Africa and support a number of charities who do valuable work there.

Winter Morning, the painting in this post, is a special one: all proceeds from its sale will be shared between two charities working to better the lives of children in South Africa. Starfish is focussed on helping AIDS orphans and Kungweni is an organisation close to Pretoria that supports people with mental illness and runs a separate orphanage.

The painting is in acrylic on fine linen canvas. the size is 20"x24" (50x60cm) The gallery price for this size painting is £850. If you are interested in buying it, please contact me with offers above £650. The painting will go to he highest offer received by 18 December.

Please contact me at este@estemacleod.com if you are interested. You can see the creation process of the painting here on Instagram. I will be giving away one print of Winter Morning to a social media follower, see Instagram link for info.

There's more

As mentioned earlier, this year I had a serious eye illness. It made me realise again how dependent I am on my sight and how it can be taken for granted. As the third charity that I would like to support in December, 10% of all limited print sales in my ETSY store will be donated to Sightsavers this month. See the link for more information about the work they do.

A newsletter will go out on 12 December with information on enrolling for 2018 EXPLORE COLOUR online painting and creativity courses.

Colourful greetings!

Black Friday!

For me? A still life painting in acrylic on linen canvas. 90x70cm.

New work


This is just a quick post about the Black Friday special offer I will be running this weekend.
I sell limited edition Giclee and prints as well as some smaller original paintings and silk screen prints in my ETSY shop. There are new small and medium paintings available for global shipping if you are thinking about getting someone a special Christmas gift.

From 24 to 26 November everything in my store will be discounted by 24% for orders over £90.

In December I will release the dates for the next two Explore Colour Courses. After running Creative Leap three times as month long courses, I have now created a new course that will run next February.
More information in the next newsletter.


Twenty four of my paintings are currently exhibited in a number of Christmas shows in the UK, information on these can be seen in my previous Blogpost. For information on shows and new work you can see daily updates on my INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK pages. I also occasionally do Live Demos on these platforms.

Enjoy the weekend!

Pomegranates Acrylic on linen canvas 70x90cm

November News


A lot is happening this busy month in the run up to Christmas. This weekend, from 9 to 11 November I will be the artist in residence at the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair that will take place on the grounds of the Windsor Race course. Over three days I will guide the creation of an interactive art project, inviting visitors contribute their marks to an artwork on a large canvas. The theme is Numbers. The canvas will be covered by numbers and shapes, created by visitors. Once covered with numbers, it will be turned into a colourful painting, using the many marks and shapes as guide for the creation of the final painting. I will be posting updates on the progress on  Instagram 

New paintings can be seen in exhibitions across the UK in the coming weeks. The first group exhibition I'm taking part in will open this Saturday at Gallery Top in Matlock, Derbyshire.

Towards the end of November, my work will be in a show at Iona House Gallery in Oxford and D'art Gallery in Dartmouth, Devon. In December paintings will also be exhibited at Byard Gallery in Cambridge.

Work can be seen at Red Rag Gallery in Bath and Stow in the Cotswolds, the Tiny Art Gallery in Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire, Golden Hare Gallery as well as Wills Art Warehouse in London where you normally can find an assortment of my still life and floral paintings.

Other News

Botanica This beautiful book is the creation of Janine Vangool and forms part of the Encyclopedia of Inspiration Range. I am honoured to be featured in this colourful publication along with forty five other inspiring artists. It is published by Uppercase

The television program DIY SOS is a BBC production about home improvement for special circumstances. Earlier this year I was contacted by the producers and asked if I would like to be involved in the current series called Veteran Street. Eight of my images were used as prints by the interior designers to brighten a property redesigned for an army veteran.

In this program, the presenter Nick Knowles quoted Ronald Reagan saying We cannot help everyone, but everyone can help someone. In that light, I'd like to thank you for the continuing support received for the causes I support.  Over the last month funds were raised to buy much needed mattresses for a stimulation centre for disabled children in Shoshanguve South Africa. Another organisation I support is Starfish Greathearts an AIDS charity. One of my paintings is currently being raffled for this very worthy cause on Justgiving 

A selection of my paintings are available as limited edition prints as well on ETSY for international shipping. Look out for original paintings as well, occasionally one or two are available in my ETSY shop. At the end of the month on 24 November a Black Friday sale will contain some special offers in my ETSY shop. I will send a newsletter out closer to the time.


Ever so often there are giveaways on my Instagram and Facebook page. Recently one of my prints, as well as two sets of greeting cards were up for grabs on social media. 

The winners are:
  • Meredith Anne: one limited edition print of Alfie and Rufus
  • Daniela Glassop and Nada Delore each with a set of four greeting cards.
Follow me on social media for daily updates, occasional live demo sessions and giveaways.

Colourful greetings,

Este MacLeod



The school holidays have just began in the UK. I do enjoy the longer summer days and in the last few weeks I have been inspired to create new floral and bird artworks as well as bold colourful still life paintings.

Some of these images are now available on products such as dresses, cushions and scarves on Redbubble. Orders are shipped worldwide, look out for Monday special discount offers.

For those who follow me on Instagram! I will be giving away a personalised watercolour artwork created from a name. This is to be given to someone nominated by a friend. The winner will be picked on Sunday 24 July. To enter the draw find the round painting post of 8 July for details.

Hummingbirds 50x50cm acrylic on linen canvas, available as original painting, limited edition print, and on a selection of printed products on Redbubble.
A selection of new paintings are also available as prints in my Etsy shop. As a special summer offer, everything in my Etsy shop is discounted by 20% until 26 July. Use the COUPON CODE 'SUMMERDAYS20'

In September, new ranges of my greeting cards and notebooks will be available in Etsy as well.

I am currently working on a new body of work for two Affordable Art Fair events coming up  in September and October.  Bristol Affordable Art Fair will take place from 8 to 10 September followed by the Stockholm Affordable Art Fair from 12 to 15 October.

Summer joy 100x100cm, acrylic on linen canvas. Available from Red Rag Gallery in Bath. Also available as limited edition print and on products on the Redbubble site. 
In addition to the two Affordable Art Fairs where I am represented by Wills Art Warehouse, I will be exhibiting paintings in gallery shows in London, Oxford, Dartmouth, Bath and Stow. More information to follow in August.

Apart from making paintings, I am currently working on completing a book based on my Creative Leap Art Course, as well as a brand new Explore Colour painting course, to be released early 2018.

With colourful greetings,

Open Studios 2017

It's that time of year again. The Henley Arts Trail takes place this Bank Holiday weekend, we have just moved back to our home and I am opening my doors to the public over the next three days.

It's been a very busy time and I have been hard at work creating a selection of new still life, landscape and floral paintings in a variety of sizes.

Opening times: 10am-5pm Saturday 29 April until Monday 1 May. If you cannot make this time I will be open by appointment until 3 May. Contact me on via email.

New prints available on ETSY:
From 29 April to 1 May there will be a discount of 15% off everything in my ETSY store.

A bit of fun. I'm having a giveaway on my Facebook and Instagram pages. To win a print of 'Merry May' follow the Facebook link.

The will be exhibitions in London, Henley, Goring and Derbyshire in the next two months - more information on this coming up shortly.

Enjoy the weekend!

February Fun

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun”                        -  Mary Lou Cook

Here in England it is wintery and grey with a frosty February still on the doorstep, but this one is going to be a fun one. Why? It's a month filled with little creative projects to inspire and enthuse!
The course starts on 1 February and is the only Creative Leap course offered in 2017 before it will become a publication later in the year.

Interested? Here's some more information:

Welcome to Creative Leap. 

This alternative art course consists of twenty six mini projects and four bigger art projects designed to kickstart creativity and promote original thinking.

For the month of February, creative projects linked to a wide selection of themes connected to the letters of the alphabet will be shared on the Explore Colour course page daily. Familiar symbols and shapes are the links to promote out of the box thinking and enticing ideas to expand your creative practice.

Key elements in this course are observing and drawing. The course is designed to expand concepts of thinking and observing by means of bite size daily exercises.
Over the weekends Este will also be offering live demonstrations of the bigger art projects explaining different art techniques. These are linked to the precious week's mini projects and are an optional addition to the basic course.
The live demos will happen every Saturday during February for an hour, within a Facebook private group exclusively for Creative Leap participants.

This course is suitable for artists and designers of all levels and experience.
The course is created to promote individual development and experimentation, useful as a daily exercise or to be done in more depth over a longer periods.
PDF documents can be downloaded to do the projects at a later stage.
Creative Leap costs £95 and registration closes on 31 January.
Sign up: http://www.explorecolour.com/course-info
If you have any questions about the course please email me at creativeleap@estemacleod.com

Other February news:

Over the last few months I have been working on new paintings for exhibitions and events coming up. 

In February my work can be seen at the Brussels Affordable Art Fair from 17-20 February where I will be represented by Will's Art  I am also taking part in the Winter exhibition at Iona House Gallery 
Other galleries where my work can be seen at the moment include Red Rag Gallery, Golden Hare Gallery, Gallery Top and The Biscuit Factory.

Prints are regularly added to my Etsy page, and cushions are available from Wraptious. I am doing a year long creative challenge, posting daily drawings on Instagram along with new projects and paintings.

With colourful greetings

Welcome to 2017!

Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, 'It will be happier.'  - Alfred Lord Tennyson

Wishing everyone a Healthy and Happy 2017!

(Here's a video of the creating process made from the words 'Love, Peace and Joy')

The Year Ahead

2016 was a very productive year, and 2017 will probably be similar: apart from several gallery exhibitions and fairs in Europe and the UK where I will be represented by Wills Art Warehouse, I am having my annual Open Studio event over the last weekend of April (the Bank Holiday weekend in England). I am very excited about the hand painted needlepoint designs from a selection of my images that now available from Melissa Shirley.
Wraptious will shortly be releasing their new catalogue where six of my paintings will be available as cushions. There are a few more collaborations in the pipeline, including wrapping paper, textiles, kitchenware and a book publication... more on this later. 
Apart from bigger projects I will also be doing daily postings on my Instagram account of little drawing based on random facts, notable dates, people and other things that take my fancy.

Explore Colour Art Courses

Always be open to inspiration. You never know where it may come from. Begin with an open mind, end with an inspired heart. - Sheri Fink

Creative Leap and Explore Colour: The Still Life Course can now be booked with an early bird offer until 3 January 2017. I am also working on a new course to focus on new art techniques and different acrylic mediums using Golden's A-Z paint sets. Dates for this course will be released in coming months. 

Creative Leap is a month long course suitable for anyone regardless of artistic ability. The course can be done in a sketchbook with pencil, pen, watercolour or ink, but it can be done more intensely as well using materials demonstrated in artworks. The course will make you explore alternative ways to observe and create. You will develop your drawing ability and artistic vigour. In addition to the twenty six daily mini projects I will be giving live demonstrations on the weekends within the exclusivity of the Facebook closed group. 
Booking via Explore Colour
Comments from two previous students:
Este, thank you ! Your course is wonderfully balanced and productive, and exactly what I needed right now. I am especially grateful to you for reawakening my joy in drawing, plus so much else. Many ideas to pursue... -  A HThank you Este for creating a wonderful course. I have enjoyed every day. It has certainly given me food for thought, lots of new techniques and inspiration for my stained glass painting. Its also been fun being part of the Creative Leap Facebook community and sharing and seeing all the work. - J L


On Christmas day I created a prize draw on my Facebook page - I invited people to comment on the video post of the day and have drawn the two winners. Congratulations to Debbie Carter who said she'd like to do the course with Carolyn McGill. Both win a place on the upcoming Creative Leap course.
I will be giving away another place on my Instagram account. Follow #estemacleod for daily updates.
Colourful greetings,


Happy Holidays!

Christmas 2016!
It's this crazy time of year again, and  I would like to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope you have a jolly time with family, friends, or a relaxing break, or just some down time if that is the way you choose to spend the holidays.
I'd also like to say a very big thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout 2016. It's been an eventful one, with more to come in 2017.

See the creation process of 'Let it Snow' on my Facebook page with instructions on how to win a place in the Creative Leap course, and a print from my Etsy shop.

Explore Colour Courses
I have now released two 2017 dates for my Explore Colour online courses. There is an Early Bird offer until 3 January for both the Creative Leap, and Still life Course
The online courses have limited places, so book early. They also make ideal gifts for the creative one in you life, or treat yourself and start 2017 on an energetic and creative note.
All the online courses now also include exclusive live demonstrations every weekend during the course via Facebook Live. 

I will be launching new prints and products in my ETSY store in the next month. If you are still looking for a last minute Christmas gift have a look here. These limited edition prints are shipped all over the world.

With kind regards

November News

Starfish Greathearts Art Auction 

Every year I donate some paintings to fundraise for causes close to my heart. Starfish Greathearts is a wonderful charity working in Southern Africa with children affected by AIDS.
Oleander is a 30x30cm original painting on canvas. During the annual London wine tasting event on Thursday 3 November, this painting will be auctioned, bidding starts at £280. All proceeds will go towards the charity. If interested please contact Starfish directly. 

Explore Colour: The Still Life Course

After spending more time this year doing experimentations with painting techniques and mediums, I launched the new Explore Colour Still Life Course in September. This five week course was focussed on exploring different paint techniques, compositions, colour and new ideas to be applied to four still life painting projects and future art projects.

I really enjoyed seeing what the students created in response to the projects, tutorials and guidelines.
This course will be repeated in 2017 with dates announced in December.

November is going to be a busy month with Winter and Christmas exhibitions starting, as well as the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair from 12-13 November where I will be artist in residence. I will guide an interactive art project over the weekend. Art fair visitors are invited to create colourful mini mandalas on a large canvas by means of drawing, printing and painting.

New work will be available at several galleries, including The Biscuit Factory the UK's largest independent contemporary art, craft and design gallery.  Red Rag Gallery, Wills Art Warehouse  Byard Gallery, Gallery Top and Golden Hare Gallery will be showing new still life, landscape and floral paintings.

Christmas 2016 - looking for something special? Limited edition prints are available in my ETSY store. New greeting cards and notebooks will be added to the site in November. 

For daily updates, follow my Facebook page and Instagram account.

September news!

Summer Projects

It's been a busy summer and I've been working on a few projects. The new Explore Colour Still Life course that is about to start, new work for exhibitions and art fairs, and work licensed for products.

The Still Life Course

A brand new four week course starts on 5 September. This course explores alternative ways to create expressive paintings with an emphasis on developing individual styles and develop colour sense through different painting techniques. Even though the course's projects are still life focussed, projects can be applied to a variety of painting themes, illustrations and design styles.

In essence the course comprises of what would normally be a course of four weekend live workshops. Tutorial summaries can be downloaded in PDF, and there are videos to demonstrate processes and techniques. The course material will be available until 31 December 2016.

See link for a glimpse into one of the projects https://instagram.com/p/BJ27zshB46V/

Registration closes on 4 September and one place will be given away for the course on Saturday 3 September on a Periscope live session at 2 PM BST. #estemacleod

To enter the draw see this Instagram link https://instagram.com/p/BJUpHqEBY4o/

Please note: Due to a very busy schedule ahead until June 2017, no further dates are set for this course to run again at this time, register via www.explorecolour.com

New things

On the top of the page is an image of Summertime. This commissioned painting is one of my images that has been licensed by Amber Lotus for calendars to be published in 2018.

Creative Leap - Book!

After running two online Creative leap courses, I am now in the process of turning the course material into a publication. I am currently working on a book to be used as a creative guide with a month of projects designed to kickstart creativity! The online course can still be done as a self paced option.

Needlepoint Designs

Look closely at the image above, Sunny is in fact a needlepoint canvas. A small selection of my paintings will be available as hand painted needlepoint designs in the US and Canada later this month from Melissa Shirley. More on this in the next newsletter.

Art Fairs and Exhibitions 

It's been an amazing year with regards to sales of paintings, I am very grateful for the wonderful galleries that represent me, and for people collecting my work globally via those galleries, ETSY and my studio.

I'm represented by Wills Art Warehouse at three art fairs this month. New large paintings can be seen at the Bristol Affordable Art Fair from 9-11 September, Decorex in London 18-21 September, and the Cambridge Art Fair 29 September to 2 October.

I will have more information on Christmas exhibitions in the next newsletter. 

If you are in the Northern hemisphere, enjoy the last days of summer, if you are in the Southern hemisphere enjoy the first signs of Spring!

With colourful greetings

PS. Find me on Instagram and Facebook for daily updates on new work and online demos.